DARK AND STORMY NIGHT - The Movie - The next feature from Larry Blamire and the cast and crew of THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA and RAY HARRYHAUSEN PRESENTS: TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD. Cast in Order of Appearance: Daniel Roebuck as 8 O’Clock Farraday; Dan Conroy as Happy Cogburn; Brian Howe as Burling Famish, Jr.; Christine Romeo as Pristy Famish; Kevin Quinn as Teak Armbrewster; Jennifer Blaire as Billy Tuesday; Trish Geiger as Jane Hovenham; Jim Beaver as Jack Tugdon; Alison Martin as Mrs. Cupcupboard; Larry Blamire as Ray Vestinhaus; Sabasha Fanmoore as Fay Masterson; James Karen as Seyton Ethelquake; Andrew Parks as Lord Partfine; Betty Garrett as Mrs. Hausenstout; Robert Deveau as Archie Folde; HM Wynant as Dr. Von Vandervon; Susan McConnell as Thessaly. Written and directed by Larry Blamire. Website Concept and Illustration by Larry Blamire; Animation by Bill Bryn Russell; Film Editing by Bill Bryn Russell; Graphic Design by Hyun Yu. ©BANTAM STREET. More Keywords: Ed Wood; Chiodo Brothers; Atmospherium; The Mutant